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Jamaica Smile


Almost didn’t make it, never that. Jamaica will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The plan is to be back. Good times, great place, amazing people. In Jamaica there is no problem, only situation!!

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Way Overdue – The Munoz Family – Alexandria Wedding Photographer


I’ve been so slow motion on my post for the last couple of months and want to apologize. Just really starting to get into the swing of things. Lately I’ve been focused on the business side of things and I’ve neglected what it’s all about. Took these images of my Lost flock Photography partner Michael Munoz and his family last November. Tell me these guys didn’t handle biz. If you are interested in having your family pictures taken just hit me up.


AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria011 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria001 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria002  AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria004 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria005 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria006 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria007 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria008 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria009 AkinsLawalPhotography_Munoz_OldTownAlexandria010

Play at Holmes Run – Alexandria Wedding Photographer


I met Kari during a spring shoot for Japonica Tafe, my former tea company early last spring. We kept in touched and threw around a couple of ideas for a shoot, we ended up setting on a simple portrait session with her and her two lovely daughters. Holmes run was our background and we kind of just let the girls do their thing. If you or anyone in your family is interested in a family portrait session let me know.